Node Search

If you have a large number of nodes (vertexes) in the system, you should be able to access any node easily. After all, one of the main purpose of graph system is to organize information in the most natural way so that relevant information is accessed in the most efficient way. Following are some of methods of searching the relevant information.

Graph organizes information using the parent and child links between the nodes. You can traverse the graph by following the links. If you organize nodes properly, you should be able to find out the information in as few clicks as possible.

Graph Portal indexes the node details (Node name, description and node content) whenever a node is created and updated. The Graph Portal uses Apache Lucene to index the nodes. You can search the node using the search box. You can use any search query syntax allowed by lucene. Simple keyword is the most common way to search.

Custom Query

The graph-portal also allows custom queries to find the nodes. The out-of-box implementation is shipped with some simple queries. Since the initial version of Graph Portal is using OrientDb, you can run only OrientDb queries. OrientDb query uses SQL like syntax. Future releases of Graph Portal may support multiple flavors of query syntax.

Note: The result of the query must be always a list of nodes. Any other result type will result in error.

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