Node Types

User can create new node types to define additional properties to the default node. Newly created node type will inherit all the properties of the default node. Default node has following properties:

  • name

  • description

  • content

  • contentType

  • createdBy

  • creationDate

  • domainId

  • topLevel

  • version

If the above fields are not sufficient a Node type can be created through admin menu. A node type can also be created for categorizing different types of nodes. Any number of fields can be added to the node type.

User cannot remove the default inherited fields from a node type. Only the newly added fields are allowed to be deleted from a node type.

If the node type is already existing and contains data, the data may get removed when you alter the node type definition. In this case, the better approach is to add/remove the new fields in the database (OrientDb) directly.

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