Node Content

Graph Portal allows many types of content for the Node. More content types will be added in the future. Here is a list of currently supported content types

The content types of nodes can be changed. At present there is no automatic conversion of content types. You may have to manually change the content type.

Depending on the content type, graph portal may show appropriate editors for easy data entry.


For HTML content any valid HTML can be stored in the node. For this content type, graph portal provides a WSYIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. This editor will help the users create content without learning any HTML.

Plain Text

Plain Text type allows raw text as the content. While displaying graph portal will format (only for display. The content itself won't be changed) to show appropriately (e.g., all URLs will converted to HTML links etc)


This is a native format of Graph Portal. User can enter the content in plain text. Where ever the formatting is needed, they can add tags that will be converted to appropriate HTML, when the node is displayed. Following is the table that shows the Text+ method and the corresponding HTML tag. The text enclosed within the Text+ mark-up will be converted to corresponding HTML tag. This allows some formating to plain text, without needing the complexity of html header.

Text+ Comment
p() Paragraph
b() Bold
i() italics
u() underline
h1()..h6() Header 1 .. Header 6
table() Table
th() Table Header
tr() Table Row
td() Table Cell
ul() Unordered List
ol() Ordered List
li() List Item

Text+ mark-up can be nested like HTML. The text+ markup must precede a space or tab, unless it begins in a line.

Sample Text+ content



p(This is a sample paragraph with b(bold) and i(italic) words)

This line is plain text without any HTML tags

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