Graph Visual Editor

Graph Visual Editor is a graphical editor that allows creation of nodes and linking of nodes between each other.

User can create a node by specifying the name and clicking Add Node button. You can link a node to another by dragging it over to the target node. The first node will be the start node and target node will be the end node.

Nodes created by visual editor will have just the node name when saved into the database. User can Ctrl-Click the node to enter details like description and content.

If you have a lot of nodes to create, the Visual Editor is the easier way to create the nodes and links. You can enter the details of the nodes via node detail page.

The visual editor uses graph traversal up to a default depth to show the nodes of the graph. Visual Editor will not show nodes beyond this depth. This is done for readability of the graph. But the user can pivot any node and traverse from there (by Shift-Click) to redraw the graph.

You can delete nodes and edges through the visual editor. When you delete a node, all the edges to and from that node is also deleted. New nodes & edges and deleted nodes & edge are shown in different colors for easy identification. Any changes to the graph are persisted only after saving the graph. When the changes and additions are saved, the graph is refreshed from the database.

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