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A graph is a collection of nodes (vertexes) connected by links (edges). A graph can model a real world relationship in a natural way. This could be anything ranging from a family tree to the parts of a machine.

Relational Database has been traditionally used to model relations. The primary reason for the widespread usage is the maturity of the technology and availability of programmers. However, this technology has serious limitations when it comes to relationships beyond a few of levels of depth. If the depth of relationships are in orders of 10 or more, it is practically impossible to use relational database technology effectively.

In recent years there has been many successful enterprise-grade graph database products. The prominent ones in this area are Neo4j and OrientDb. These successes have opened opportunities for graph based products. These products have the potential to revolutionize computing.

The amount of data generated has been growing exponentially for last several years. The data is useful only in the context of its relationship with other data elements. Graph is the most natural way to model this relationship between the data.

Graph Portal is a software platform to organize the data in a web portal. There are many use cases for such a product. Some of these are: web portal, family tree, media collection, wiki, mind map, web content management etc. Graph Portal can help organize any type of data and its relationship. You do not need any programming experience to create and maintain the data. Yet, if you know programming, you can do customizations for specific requirements.

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